i like you as much as darcy garland & terrence myers
if there's a william, there's a way


"Love is like gravity William. You have to let yourself fall."

Hello my fangirls and boys! I’m off to camp so see u all in a month!


so definitely not dead then




Talk about a tease

So what was really going on here? Was he really that clueless/preoccupied or did he know exactly what she was trying to do? Is he perhaps still a bit mad at her for not telling him about the death threats earlier than she did and leaving him in the lurch for so long?

Another idea. Julia’s father contacted her out of the blue because Murdoch already asked for her hand and he said no and now he wants to chastise her about marrying below her station? Don’t think this is too likely though considering her father ends up dead…way too coincidental but you never know.

One thing’s for certain though, they’re both engaged to each other in their minds. ;)

the last gif looks like he is about t fall into her boobs :p

yes i cut it off there on purpose….no i didn’t…that is too hilarious! xDDD


How many aunts does George Crabtree have?!?!